Joanne, 25 | Beautician

Powfu (feat. beabadoobee) – ‘death bed (coffee for your head)’ [2020]

“Throughout lockdown I started walking a lot to clear my head from all the general stress and worry, and I listened to this song a lot on my walks. It reflected both the sadness of the time, and the loneliness of not being able to see my loved ones, but then it also took on a different meaning when I met my boyfriend during lockdown. It’s now ‘our song’ and it reminds me that there’s always hope even in the darkest of times.”


Martin, 37 | Painter

Kaiser Chiefs – ‘I Predict A Riot’ [2005]

“Me and my mates have always loved this song, and it reminds me of hanging out, drinking beers and being at festivals with all my best friends. During lockdown I listened to it a lot whilst working as a reminder that things would be back to normal one day, and I’d soon be back in a muddy festival field with the boys.”


Tim, 43 | Music Producer/Songwriter

Sophia Stutchbury – ‘We’ll Get Through This’ [2020]

“This song was written by my wife and produced by me. Our purpose in life is to try and bring joy through music. The challenges we have all faced over the last 18 months, or so, inspired us to write something empowering and motivational to try and help people see a light at the end of the tunnel.”


Anne, 73 | Retired Nurse

Harry Styles – ‘Watermelon Sugar’ [2019]

“My granddaughter is a big fan of Harry Styles and she sent me a video to listen to this song whilst we were in the first lockdown. I would listen to it every time I was missing her and it would get me through those difficult moments. The song itself is very uplifting and reminds me of summertime too, which was a really lovely feeling especially throughout the dreary winter lockdown.”


Imogen, 36 | Teacher

David Bowie – ‘Heroes’ [1977]

“This song felt very poignant to me at the height of the pandemic because it seemed to be on a lot of adverts and in the background of campaigns celebrating the efforts of frontline workers. Every time I heard it, I thought about how depressing it was that we were rightly referring to these incredible people as ‘heroes’ whilst the government was failing them by refusing to raise their pay or even look after their basic needs. Being a key worker, the absent-minded clapping our government tried to convince us to join in with made me feel so misunderstood, so I can’t imagine how it felt to those braving their lives every day.”


El, 24 | Youth Worker/Student

Crywank – ‘Song for a Guilty Sadist’ [2015]

“I got heavily into Crywank throughout lockdown and found their honesty really helped me approach my own self reflection and discovery with candidness. This song stood out to me with its themes of feeling as though who you are isn’t enough, and the idea of trying to adapt to fit someone else’s desires but falling short”


John, 28 | Electrician

Phoebe Bridgers – ‘I Know The End’ [2020]

“I discovered this song during the first lockdown and it reminds me of sitting alone in my car at night when I couldn’t get to sleep, because I was feeling really anxious about everything that was happening. I still listen to it sometimes now, but it makes me a little sad.”


Donna, 54 | Teacher

The Communards (feat. Sarah Jane Morris) – ‘Don’t Leave Me This Way’ [1986]

“This has always been my ‘go to’ song when I’m in need of some motivation. Everything about it takes me straight back to my youth, and I love the nostalgia that I find in the words and rhythm. The lyrics of the song can apply to various situations in my life, including the COVID lockdown and what I was feeling at the time.”


Susie, 24 | Copy Editor

Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton – ‘Satisfied’ [2015]

“I first listened to the Hamilton musical soundtrack shortly into lockdown, and it came onto Disney+ a few months later where I watched it. This song became something that my partner and I would sing around the house, specifically when making lasagne – which is something I had the time to do a lot as we were at home all the time.”


Amy, 48 | Teaching Assistant

Gerry Cinnamon – ‘Canter’ [2020]

“I listened to Gerry Cinnamon on my daily walks throughout lockdown. The beat of this song is fast to walk to, and his lyrics are something that everybody can relate to, whatever your stage and stature in life. We definitely all know one… (Listen to the song and you’ll understand 😉)”