Lois, 41 | Driving Instructor

ABBA – ‘Like An Angel Passing Through My Room’ [1981]

“I lost my mother to COVID last year, and so the lockdown period(s) were very intense and difficult for me. My mum loved ABBA, and I grew up listening to her records and appreciating their beautiful music. This song took on a much more important meaning to me after her passing, as she would often sing it around the house when I was younger. I listened to it whenever I was missing her and could almost feel a piece of her in the room with me every time, it was comforting.”


Donna, 54 | Teacher

The Communards (feat. Sarah Jane Morris) – ‘Don’t Leave Me This Way’ [1986]

“This has always been my ‘go to’ song when I’m in need of some motivation. Everything about it takes me straight back to my youth, and I love the nostalgia that I find in the words and rhythm. The lyrics of the song can apply to various situations in my life, including the COVID lockdown and what I was feeling at the time.”