Lois, 41 | Driving Instructor

ABBA – ‘Like An Angel Passing Through My Room’ [1981]

“I lost my mother to COVID last year, and so the lockdown period(s) were very intense and difficult for me. My mum loved ABBA, and I grew up listening to her records and appreciating their beautiful music. This song took on a much more important meaning to me after her passing, as she would often sing it around the house when I was younger. I listened to it whenever I was missing her and could almost feel a piece of her in the room with me every time, it was comforting.”


Tim, 43 | Music Producer/Songwriter

Sophia Stutchbury – ‘We’ll Get Through This’ [2020]

“This song was written by my wife and produced by me. Our purpose in life is to try and bring joy through music. The challenges we have all faced over the last 18 months, or so, inspired us to write something empowering and motivational to try and help people see a light at the end of the tunnel.”


Amy, 48 | Teaching Assistant

Gerry Cinnamon – ‘Canter’ [2020]

“I listened to Gerry Cinnamon on my daily walks throughout lockdown. The beat of this song is fast to walk to, and his lyrics are something that everybody can relate to, whatever your stage and stature in life. We definitely all know one… (Listen to the song and you’ll understand 😉)”