Cameron, 34 | Retail Worker

Mastodon – ‘The Last Baron’ [2009]

“It’s such an epic track, running for 13-minutes, and over the lockdown I found it was the perfect way for me to escape. To me, the song represents grief, confusion, and an almost apocalyptic sense of destruction, which are all things that I could relate to the situation of both myself and the wider world over the last couple of years. The guitars are also absolutely insane the whole way through!”


Paul, 61 | Engineer

Buzzcocks – ‘Ever Fallen in Love (With Someone You Shouldn’t’ve?)’ [1978]

“This was the song that me and my wife had our first dance to many moons ago! When we were locked down in our home we would play it and dance around the living room together, which was always a great joy after some of the hard days we endured. Getting to spend so much time with my wife was the biggest silver lining of this weird time, and this song has gifted us so many special memories over the years.”


James, 21 | Student

Salem – ‘Destroy Me’ [2020]

“This EP came out during lockdown and I was absolutely obsessed with it. I remember sending it to all of my friends and getting everyone to listen to it and it made me get back in touch with a few that I’d lost contact with during the pandemic. I love going to see live music, and the first gig that I got to go to when restrictions started to lift was to see this band – me and my friends sang extra loud on this song.”


Julie, 56 | Safeguarding Lead

Machine Gun Kelly – ‘my ex’s best friend’ [2020]

“This song was played loads in my household over the lockdown, and now even my hubby knows all about Machine Gun Kelly and recognises the song! It reminds me of how much of a happy time I managed to have over the lockdown, despite everything that was happening, and all the quality time I got to spend with my amazing daughter.”